‘How to Become a Better Writer?’ Some Tips

How to become a better writer? With so many ways to be a writer today, with so many ways to express your voice and share your creative vision, why wouldn’t you want to become the best writer you can be?

How to Become a Better Writer?

There are as many answers to that question as there are types of writers, and every one of them will tell you differently about what it takes to become the best writer you can be. But that doesn’t mean we can’t learn from them, their experience, and their expertise.

According to a Forbes article, in most jobs, you will spend one-third of your time writing and 73% of managers want employees who excel at this skill.

This article will look at some tips from some experts in the field on how to become the best writer you can be.

Keep at it

How to become a good writer? You might have asked this question and the thought of it might scare you. But don’t worry, it doesn’t need to be too difficult. The only things you need are practice and some helpful tips. This post will walk you through everything from writing basics and how often should you write per day, how many words per minute should you aim for, how not over-analyzing your work will make it better, and what makes the difference between good writers and bad writers. To get started, keep reading!

Be consistent

The first thing to improve your writing skills is to be consistent. This means that you should do the following things: make time, plan ahead, and write something every day. It may seem like an impossible task at first, but even five minutes a day can help. It will add up over time and before you know it, you’re blogging every week instead of every month. Commit yourself today!

'How to Become a Better Writer?' Some Experts' Tips

Write what you know

Writing is an art and needs skills like any other. How to Become a Better Writer? Learn how freelance writers, journalists, and public relations experts make it happen. Read their perspectives on honing your craft, starting out as a writer, finding your voice and purpose in writing, and being yourself online as well as offline.
Whether you’re just starting out or you’re on the way up–getting better can be easy.

Read other people’s writing

As a freelance writer, there are ways I find useful to keep improving my writing skills. These include looking at other people’s work, not being shy about asking for help, and even developing your own writing habits.

Freelance writers know they’re always learning and that they need to stay curious. – My favorite ways to improve my skills and ensure that I always have something new with which to fill up this blog are by reading other writers’ posts and practicing every day.

If you really want someone else’s opinion on your work, go ahead and ask for it. Offer your colleague or friend the chance to look over what you’ve done and tell you what you did well as well as give feedback on where you can do better.

Learn from criticism

Freelancers are always told they need to improve their writing skills, but who can be trusted? How do you know if an opinion is genuine or not?

My rule of thumb is not everyone has my best interests at heart. You can tell someone truly cares about your work when they offer advice and constructive criticism in order for you to become better, as opposed to being plain blunt about how bad your work is.

‘How to Become a Better Writer?’ Some Experts’ Tips

Advice, constructive criticism and encouragement help writers improve their craft by making them look at what needs improvement, providing tips on how to accomplish it more efficiently, and supporting them in the process. Plus, people tend to judge books by their covers – give off good vibes through online publishing methods and people will more likely purchase your book!

Edit, edit, edit!

The first step in improving your writing skills is simple: edit. Yes, it’s as simple as that. Writers need to make editing a habit just like brushing their teeth and taking the trash out. Self-editing can make all the difference between an average story and an excellent one. It doesn’t take too much time or energy, but it will help you improve your writing skills dramatically.

When you start editing your work, ask yourself these questions:

  • is my sentence clear? Does my pronoun make sense?
  • Do I have any redundant words? Is my sentence too long or too short?
  • Have I used passive voice when active voice would be better? Is there anything unclear in this sentence?
  • What word should I replace with something stronger/clearer/more sophisticated?

Study the masters (and steal from them shamelessly!)

How to Become a Better Writer? Becoming a better writer is often cited as one of the hardest jobs. It is not something you can learn overnight and that’s what makes it so daunting. There are many reasons why people should take steps toward becoming better writers, but if you’re not sure where to start we have collected some pointers below:

  • Look at other writers’ work – be it their prose or their journalism. It’s hard not to get inspired by reading someone else’s work, especially when they’re an accomplished writer.
  • Spend time dissecting the different components of the writing – how does the author construct sentences, words, paragraphs, etc.?
  • How do they use grammar in innovative ways?
  • How do they use commas correctly?

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